Save Rate
in Michigan

Horses turned scholars

“Outstanding” years

Is the average # of pets an HSHV employee has


Pet Loss Support Groups gave grieving families a safe place to reflect and heal

Degrees below freezing, when 1 wee kitten
was saved from hypothermia

Birthday boys and girls partied at HSHV

Rise in rescue calls
and heroic assistance
over last year
Heartworm-positive animals saved & treated in our shelter
Off adoption fees for heroes, thanks
to our Pets for Patriots​ partnership

Fur-loving families in crisis given Safe Harbor

Years young means you can adopt a senior animal free

More cats found
Barn Buddies​ in 2013

FIV+ cats
adopted with
our new program

Is the lost cost of our Humane Wildlife Removal​ services

Of animals that came through our doors were helped back home or found a new loving home.

Cats were saved from deplorable conditions

Of them received care and compassion

Bans dog/cat gas chambers in Michigan

Vision is what rabbits have; our shelter saw
45 of them in 2013

Dogs rescued from overpopulated shelters​, brought to HSHV and adopted

Vaccines administered in just
2 hours at one of our low-cost clinics

Cruelty investigations so
that animals like Matilda
have a whole new life

Animal rescue calls answered in June alone by our 24/7 ambulance service

Wandering pets
were lost, then found

Animal lovers volunteered

Raised by Santa (& his helpers)

Special needs animals nurtured through our Foster Care​ program

Feral cats were spayed or neutered, preventing tens of thousands more

Or so laughs at the
Compassionate Feast​ fundraising roast

Young minds were taught about compassion for animals

Cats and dogs got microchipped
(then snuggled)

Animals were adopted into loving homes

Unique animals served by
our affordable clinic

Animals sterilized (and countless unwanted pregnancies prevented)

Exams done by our
compassionate veterinarians

Hours of dutiful dog walking marched by volunteers (despite the weather)

Of food donated​ to needy families

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In pet supplies sold, all proceeds benefitting homeless animals

Hours donated by volunteers
(that’s nearly 46 full-time employees!)

Donors who made it all possible

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Thanks, ​Michigan Pet Fund Alliance!​

Charity Navigator Ratings for sound fiscal management

(many donated their presents!)​

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You allowed us to achieve some remarkable numbers in 2013.

Here are a few snapshots of how we maximized your generosity to
serve, protect, heal, innovate, provide and love unconditionally.